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Preventative dentistry is the best dentistry. Early detection may prevent the need for more extensive treatment later. Regular check-ups help ensure a lifetime of optimal oral health. We promote overall wellness by focusing on the use of non-toxic restorative materials for dental work. We emphasize the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and dental infections may have on a person’s health. Sadly, oral cancer is the sixth most common cancer with the lowest five-year survival rate, but it is readily diagnosed through regular check-ups. Mom was right: An ounce of prevention really is worth a pound of cure.


We have all seen those “extreme makeover” television shows. The new smiles created are absolutely amazing. But what you see on TV only represents a fraction of the cosmetic advancements that highly skilled, technologically confident dentists provide today. It can all be done far more comfortably and economically than ever before. Are you happy with your smile? If you could, is there something you would like to do to improve it? Making your smile more attractive doesn’t need to be an extreme process in pursuit of perfection. Sometimes just being comfortable and confident when it’s time to smile is what cosmetic dentistry is all about.
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As the name implies, sedation dentistry is a safe and effective technique used by specially trained dentists which allows the patient to undergo dental treatment in a calm and relaxed state. This alleviates the fear and anxiety that a considerable number of patients associate with dental treatment. Seeking the advice of a dentist experienced in sedation dentistry, rather than foregoing treatment because of fear, gives people the opportunity to undergo necessary procedures that they would have otherwise avoided. Once you are comfortable with going to the dentist, we can focus on the health and appearance issues you may have been avoiding. Talk with us to learn more. > More

Our Unique Approach
We’re your lifelong dental health partner.

Our comprehensive philosophy differentiates us as “dental health partner” rather than simply a dentist.

What does this mean for you? Great dentists don’t simply fill teeth—we’re confidence builders who have an eye on the big picture in regard to your teeth. By offering a wide array of care and treatment options, you can have a beautiful healthy smile for a lifetime.

Our cosmetic smile makeover expertise is a harmonious blend of aesthetic sense and technical perfection.

We train with experts in cosmetic dentistry, use the highest quality materials, work with the most reputable labs and offer the latest procedural techniques.

What does this mean for you? There really is a difference between cosmetic dentists. And when you’re in our office, you will have the assurance of knowing that you’re receiving the best recommendations
and care available. The customized treatment plans we develop for our patients are based upon comfort, individual aesthetic goals and functional necessities.

For absolute comfort, we can safely sedate patients in our office.

Fear and anxiety are two of the biggest factors why a large number of Americans do not seek dental care today. Typically, it’s only when these people are in more pain than they can manage that they will seek the help of a dentist. For this reason, we have become specialty providers of one of the most comforting options in dentistry: sedation.

What does this mean for you? We can safely induce a deeply relaxed state for most patients in preparation for any type of dental procedure.

Your mouth is a window to your health.

Our office uses biological dentistry to promote health and wellness. We provide non-toxic, mercury-free restorative materials for dental work. We emphasize the unrecognized impact that dental toxins and dental infections may have on a person’s overall health.

What does this mean for you? We take dentistry to the next level. While traditional dentistry focuses only on the areas above the neck, biological dentistry looks at the patient as a whole system and how the mouth relates to the body.

We’re passionate about our work.

We truly enjoy our work and so does the rest of our dental-care team. Even though we work in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, we’re passionate about our work and are dedicated to our patients. Our philosophy is that we are providing treatment to the whole person—not just their teeth.

What does this mean for you? Since it’s a given that you’re always going to receive a warm welcome, the best care and outstanding results when you visit us, you’ll be comfortable the minute you arrive for your appointment.

Enjoy the benefits of a technologically advanced dental practice.

Being on the forefront of dentistry is our quest. That’s why we have meticulously selected the best staff and invested in state-of-the art technology, materials and equipment. The doctors and staff continually train with some of the best clinicians in the country.

What does this mean for you? Improved technology and the best dental care available translates into peace of mind and sometimes even cost savings for you.

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